Welcome to Tonic Alchemy, where good vibes and great health collide! 🌱 We’re not your average health shots and functional probiotic sodas – we’re the cool cousins of wellness, proudly made in Australia using the best local ingredients.

Our journey started with a simple idea – why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Each health shot is a burst of natural goodness that’ll make your taste buds high-five your tummy.


Our functional probiotic sodas are like a party for your gut – a fizzy fiesta of flavours that’s as refreshing as it is beneficial. We’re talking local ingredients handpicked from the sun-soaked lands of Australia, blended to perfection for your sipping pleasure.

Why do we do it? Because we’re passionate about embracing the power of nature while giving a nod to modern living. We’re not just another health brand; we’re a movement, a community of shot-takers and soda-lovers who believe that wellness should be as exciting as it is nourishing.

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Tonic Alchemy launched in Sydney, Australia in 2018.
It was one of the first commercially available health shot producers in Australia.
Tonic Alchemy has a proven strong visual and taste profile for initial purchase, and is currently distributed Nationally through individual State based distributors.
There are stores in HK, NZ and Singapore coming onboard over the coming months.

What typical Tonic Alchemy consumers want

-Their drinks to be sugar free / low in sugar

-Their daily drinks to make them healthier

-Their daily beverages to be eco-friendly

-Exotic flavours and unique tastes

-Functional benefits

-Immunity boosting properties

Unwind in hand

Some of our major stores include:

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Start your day with one of our 7 tonic shots and feel the boost from the health aiding, superfood ingredients.

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Quench your thirst with a sparkling tonic. Expertly formulated to provide a balanced lift.

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Boost your immunity with our probiotic tonic. Containing 2-3 times more probiotics than your favourite kombucha – and tastes amazing!

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Repair with our superfood protein, the ultimate gut friendly blend formulated to support peak performance, lean muscle growth and optimum recovery.

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“Tonic Alchemy has taken the guesswork out of health with their range of wellness drinks which are all natural, anti-inflammatory and based on nourishing properties.”

– delicious.com.au


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Certified Products

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Dried vegetables
  • Beauty products
  • Milk products
  • Organic honey
  • Organic tea

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