Monthly subscription. Family pack 60 shots per month, every month. 20% off RRP.

Original price was: $270.00.Current price is: $220.00. / month

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We get it, not every day is the same. Some days you’re feeling tired, others like an immunity boost, an energy charge, a post workout Recovery, or to Relax at the end of a big day. Our new Family Mixed Monthly subscription of 60 bottles each month means you can #takeyourshot with any of our nutrient packed bottles of goodness and no more rushing for your fave shot.

No more fighting over who gets what shot! Have 60 shots a month delivered to your door every month. Revitalize your daily routine with Tonic Alchemy’s monthly Family pack subscription of health shots. Packed with potent ingredients, #takeyourshot towards wellness and vitality. Subscribe now and save for a monthly boost!

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