Tips for the silly season, include turmeric

Indulging over the silly season is normal, if not expected. Turmeric is your lifesaver here. Also, eating standard party fare and treating ourselves to a glass or two of bubbles can leave us feeling a bit sluggish once Monday comes around.  

Whilst several factors can affect the level of pain you feel the next day, one of the most common is dehydration. The ethanol in alcohol dehydrates your body causing all of those nasty feelings in the morning. Moreover, your liver also gets thrown into overdrive trying to break down the ethanol, compromising its ability to do its job.  

 There are several well-known tips to help you through, some of which are: 
  • Staying hydrated – water is your best friend so make sure you stay in contact 
  • Making BETTER alcohol choices. Include soda water and lime rather than soft drink mixes
  • Don’t binge drink, take it slow! You don’t have to drink for Australia, take it slow and enjoy the night. 
  • Exercise! The silly season isn’t the time to give it up. Keeping active will help your recovery
  • Making social outings active! Instead of meeting at the cafe or bar, go for a walk or a trip to the beach
  • Moreover, Include turmeric in your diet

And, this last tip may not be as well known (yet) but it should be! 

Numerous studies have reported that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric makes this one of the best remedies for a hangover. Hence, It helps mop up that nasty acid residue left over from the alcohol, detoxifies the liver, ups the antioxidant defence, is a natural energy shot and does its best to help relieve nausea. 

Whilst all our shots are great to have handy, our Recover drink is a perfect way to take your daily hit of organic turmeric root. With the addition of pineapple and lime, it will provide you with the electrolytes and potassium you need to help limit the next day pain. 

Have any hangover cures that work for you? Don’t keep it to yourself, let us all know!


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